Looking after YOU!

This was posted on facebook today. So relevant to carers.

“I grieved today for the times I have loved so much that I forgot about myself and my own needs. I grieved today for giving so much and forgetting that I should keep a little bit back just for me. I grieved today for getting so caught up in helping others that I overlooked I needed a little help as well. I grieved today for thinking I could just do it all, denying that I also have my limits. And sometimes having limitations is a holy thing. I just wanna love people in a way that makes me feel loved too. I don’t want to forget myself anymore.” ~S. C. Lourie

So true!

So true… How can you look after others if you can’t look after yourself?

Here are my self care suggestions:

1-Make the most of me time. Practice good self care skills whenever possible. Whether that is five minutes spent applying makeup, brushing hair and teeth or putting on nice clothes, it does not matter. Even five minutes used for napping or showering counts.

2-See the doctor regularly too. If you have a niggling worry, don’t hesitate to contact the doctor for advice pronto. They may be able to help. Do you have any hobbies? Find time for your hobbies and interests as well. Whether that is fishing, or reading, whatever makes you happy and sane. Everyone needs hobbies.