Look online for locally provided support

We can all look after vulnerable people in this coronavirus crisis, but we need help

A newly established network of mutual aid groups across Britain aims to show the power of solidarity

It is worth looking on the internet and social media, to see what is happening / available locally
( place name ) CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT GROUPS. People willing to help with shopping, running social groups, ideas for activities etc

Yes…melly the support groups look very good as long as volunteers are thoroughly vetted.

They are providing very useful support from what I can see.

Makes you feel less alone.

Someone ran out of toilet roll and someone took some round, that sort of thing.

Cant rely on social services to help us can we.

Oh people are also doing more shopping for people if they dont have things in for tea too etc.

I doubt volunteers are vetted. I think it is just a neighbourly thing from very kind people. People coming together in a crisis, some of the modern rules may just have to go so be careful and report anything you are not happy with to the group organiser or the police but remember everybody’s resources may be stretched as their own staff find themselves in isolation.

Coronavirus : How to help the rural elderly ?
Coronavirus: How to help the rural elderly - BBC News

( One village … repeat across low thousands of others ??? )

I guesse its possible they may not be able to take up references in time…however I am sure they will take what steps they can.

I have volunteered myself for any support I can give and I have been able to give references to them. And also i am DBS checked which they will also be able to double check.

In my area they are asking if people are DBS checked.

But you are right…it is wise to be careful .

Sharing this link: https://covidmutualaid.org/resources/

Top of the page menu you can find local groups
There are a lot of communities setting up groups to support anyone who needs help

I had a lovely person do shopping for me from my local group…I am in self isolation as underlying health issues.

Was amazing to get help from someone else for a change!



Communities across England are coming together in the coronavirus crisis.

BBC local radio stations have been speaking to local heroes as part of the Make a Difference campaign, which aims to keep communities connected during the outbreak.

All 39 BBC local radio stations have joined volunteer groups to help get messages across of support in local communities and in particular information that can help people who are most vulnerable or at risk.

BBC Sounds - Stations & Schedules

Coronavirus : Volunteers flock to join community support groups.

More than 1,000 volunteer groups have been set up to help those self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak.

A list and contact details for them all so far :

Mutual aid social media groups - Google Sheets

Only drawback … unable to sort / search … unless a reader can help ???

Possibly using your browser functions?

From the menu bar at the top, Edit - Find in this page

on any spreadsheet you can use the function Ctrl + F (F = find) to search (opens a small search box near the top of the page when I tried it) and then enter a key word - like the name of your town.

Keep them coming … said spreadsheet is akin to a bible for millions out there.

One place on the Internet to find and source help at local level.

In fact , should be prominent on ALL forums run by the supporting charities.

In addition , added to Facebook and tweeted across Twitter by all users and the supporting charities alike.

Mere forum readers can only do so much , it now needs those with a wider audience to spread the word.

Obviously , millions of vulnerable people do NOT have access to the Internet.

That’s where these new local organisations come in … going door to door already in several areas.

Information … the new religion in town ?

If you click on the top box of column D and then click on the little triangle on the right of that box - you can then click on sort A to Z and then scroll to your place name.

Great resource, thank you.


Thanks to Michael ( Carers UK ) , new link for the coronavirus mutual aid groups :

Find your local group – Covid-19 Mutual Aid

A " Sticky " for this one ???

Help the Hungry : How we’re helping to feed the homeless, elderly and NHS through the coronavirus pandemic.

London’s 33 boroughs have agreed to form hubs to distribute surplus produce to the vulnerable.

More than £625,000 has poured into our Help The Hungry campaign in London – launched 72 hours ago with sister title the Evening Standard – amid signs that hunger is taking hold among the elderly, homeless, and vulnerable who are self-isolating to avoid Covid-19.

On Friday, Evgeny Lebedev, shareholder of The Independent, helped deliver produce from The Felix Project, the charity we’re supporting, to Compassion London, a startup cooking 1,000 meals a day for NHS staff and the homeless.

Compassion London’s founder Leon Aarts said: “We have been getting messages from people saying, ‘Could you supply me with one or two meals, I haven’t eaten in three days.’ We’ve also had cancer patients with no nearby relatives to rely on who are too afraid to leave their homes and feeling hungry and vulnerable.”


I have set up an unofficial mutual aid group information service with a couple of off forum contacts.

Now working with three food banks and four " Official " mutual aid groups at street level.

Our sole purpose is to source information … mainly coronavirus related … if anyone wants help with information , just pm me on this forum.

Just information … like most sources out there , hardly any answers !

Within an hour at worst , 9 to 9 , daily.

Coronavirus does not discriminate , nor do we.

Food heroes who reach out to the isolated, vulnerable and hungry’

From chefs to lawyers to jewellery-makers, an army of volunteers has stepped up to help keep the nation fed.

Food heroes who reach out to the isolated, vulnerable and hungry | Coronavirus | The Guardian

I read about restaurants being shut, the owners were taking the food left home, 100 kilogrammes of flour etc.
Was it Jamie Oliver, going to make pasta for the whole village?

A little of the cart before the horses but … Covid-19 Mutual aid UK main site :


An expansion of what they are now doing … well worth exploring as a number of questions are answered.

As the lockdown continues , the local groups may well replace many traditional services provided by the LAs and supporting charities.

Both the LAs and supporting charities are running out of monies … so several newspaper reports tell us.

In these times , the traditional knock on the door is the ONLY real answer … even a leaflet through the door comes a very poor second ?

Internet ?

How many millions have never had direct access … how many more millions now ???