Local Authority Funding

My mum lives 90 mins away from me. She is bed-bound and having carers in 4 times a day which is not enough (long story, I wasn’t going to include it here). The Local Authority have agreed to move her to a care home near me but the only place they can find is ina care home that doesn’t have a good reputation locally, all the other care homes round my area are twice as much as the LA are saying they can pay. This has been going on for a month and my mum is now back in hospital with an infection. How long can the Local Authority drag it out to find a LA place? I’ve been reading that they should pay the whole cost if it is necessary - is this true and when should I start asking them to consider paying the full home costs?

Hi Sandwich.

Which? on this somewhat " Delicate " subject for all the basics :

Local authority funding for a care home.

Government funding might be available to help pay for a care home – we explain the means test thresholds and other rules.

Outside of the specialised AGE UK factsheets , one of the best guides there is out there.

Are there any homes at all available at the price the council are prepared to pay, NEAR YOU?
Are you aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare, free care in a home for those with very severe illnesses?
Make sure that the home can deal with any eventuality until mum dies. This is really important, so she never has to move again.

Hello. This is a good resource on British care homes http://www.carehome.co.uk. Make a list of care homes minus the poor quality one and go to visually assess them in terms of suitability. Ask for names, phone numbers or recommendations.

Additionally, carefully read the reviews. The website also has a printable list of questions.