Link between polyamorous people and mental health issues

I assure you this isn’t a troll post or meant to criticize; I’m just eager for honest opinions.
I’m about five months into the poly lifestyle, it’s still new to me but I’m pretty sure this is the thing for me. Only one thing is giving me pause at the moment… literally everyone I’ve connected with is very mentally unwell, to the point where it surely can’t be a coincidence. So far, it’s not massively impacted our interactions, but has in some respects, but I worry about the future.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

First thoughts… I think polyamory will attract both the mentally unhealthy and also those who have developed their mental health to above average levels, predominantly. Perhaps you might question your perspective of what constitutes as “mental health issues”, that’s just a guess, since I don’t know you or anything about your perspectives.

Firstly, anecdotal experiences are not enough to confirm that there’s any link. But if there is then I can see a few possible explanations:

I think folk with mental health issues are more likely to have ‘alternative’ perspectives on life, which imo polyamory is. Often people who explore other ways of living are people who have struggled with/felt different to the norm.

Also as other commenters have said, in the other direction- I think poly folk are more likely to be open to understanding, working on and communicating about any mental health issues they do have.