Hello! I’ve just joined and wanted to say hi

Hello everyone,

My name is Calum, I’m 31 years old and I live in the central belt of Scotland. Until relatively recently, I was a live-in carer for my 67 year old mum. She has muscular dystrophy and uses a catheter and colostomy bag. She also has angina and COPD and has ongoing urine infections due to her mesh complications. She suffers from anxiety and depression.
I’m finding it all a bit overwhelming and I was hoping that joining a forum such as this one would be beneficial for my own mental health.
I hope you’re all doing ok during these difficult times and thanks for having me!

Hi & welcome Calum

Your poor Mum has a lot of medical issues. How lovely you have been in a position to help her. Had you been temporarily moved in due to Covid. Has your moving out been a planned one. And/or to save your sanity. Caring it such a difficult stressful and demanding role. And we all need our own space. Where we can be ourselves and recuperate.

Hi Calum, welcome to the forum.
I hope you are getting lots of help?
Don’t try and be Superman to the detriment of your own life and health. Don’t be afraid to start yelling HELP until someone listens.