Lewy Body Dementia/Supplements

My father has Lewy Body dementia and I want to start building up his immune system by giving him echinecea. He has just started taking Vitamin B complex. Does anyone know if this is advisable as I know they are very sensitive to other medications and I just want to be careful.

Would that question not be better asked of a qualified medical practitioner ???

What would happen if a non qualified forum member were to give you the wrong advice ???

Hi Bronagh, welcome to the forum.

As you are caring for someone with dementia, can I just check that
You are aware that they are exempt from Council Tax from the day of diagnosis, on the grounds of “severe mental impairment”?
You are aware they are entitled to Attendance Allowance if over 65, or DLA or PIP under 65.
Does anyone have Power of Attorney?
If you live with the person concerned, do they own or rent the house?
Do you have a home elsewhere?

Why not ask his doctor or pharmacist?

Better to ask the doctor to be sure that is okay for him.