Lasting Power of Attorney Help


I have a query regarding lasting power of attorney. My younger brother has severe learning disabilities and is completely dependent on others for personal care and medical decisions.He will be turning 18 soon. My parents and I would like to have lasting power of attorney for when he becomes an adult - the government website says that people with capacity can make LPAs. As my brother is unable to make his decisions, I was wondering if anyone here has the experience of making an LPA for those who lack capacity.

Thanks in advance,

You need to look at the website for the Office of the Public Guardian (or similar) and apply for Guardianship I think.
Have you applied for Income Support and PIP? Become his DWP Appontee?

Following BB’s post , some links for you :

Office of the Public Guardian :

Office of the Public Guardian - GOV.UK

DWP Appointee :
Become an appointee for someone claiming benefits - GOV.UK

Both valid for England … yell if in Scotland / Northern Ireland / Wales.