Labour party: more information needed on carees under 65

Just heard interview on bbc from the Labour Party conference and its proposal for care for people over 65. The reason (read excuse) for not covering younger people was that they needed more information on that population! Surely an opportunity for Carers UK to step in and educate them?!

Today’s news already on the main GREEN PAPER SOCIAL CARE thread … a political one being proposals from the Labour Party on free social
care … of sorts ? … for those aged 65+.

The sum of £ 8 BILLION mentioned … we currently save some £ 140 BILLION … how it will affect us has yet to be revealed.

Being a POLITICAL announcement , I doubt if we’ll hear from CUK … with that 2013 gagging order being in force ?

In any event , the Labour party spokeswoman on social care has strong , past , connections to the Carers Trust.

Thanks Chris. Barbara Keeley has an interesting background.

Said female needs decontaminating … infected with Carers Trust ideology ?

I’m not aware of that history.

From Wiki :


Early life

Keeley was educated at Mount St Mary’s College in Leeds and the University of Salford, gaining a BA in Politics and Contemporary History.[2]

Her early career was with IBM, first as a Systems Engineer and then as a Field Systems Engineering Manager. Later she became an independent consultant, working on community regeneration issues across North West England.

She was elected as a Labour councillor on Trafford Council in 1995 on which Keeley served as a member for Priory ward until 2004. She was Cabinet member for Children and Young People, Early Years and Childcare and Health and Wellbeing. From 2002 to 2004, she was Cabinet member for Education, Children’s Social Services and all services for children and young people and Director of a Pathfinder Children’s Trust. She is a member of the GMB Union, the Co-operative Party and the Fabian Society.
From 2002 to 2005, she worked as a consultant to the charity, the Princess Royal Trust for Carers, researching carers’ issues — particularly those related to primary health care. She is co-author of the reports Carers Speak Out and Primary Carers.

Know thy enemy ???

Just googled that myself! Hence ny comment! Ahead of you for once Chris?!

Brewing me 5th. pint of coffee at the time …

My Beloved Saints wining in Seattle last night … without Drew Brees … knocked me for six this morning … a very welcomed shock !

2009 … I wonder what she made of the CarerKiller in 2009 … James Purnell ?

I don’t know what you put in your coffee Chris, but it makes you unintelligible to mere mortals like me!

Oh I’m glad you said that Mrs A! I sometimes feel I’m not the brightest spark as it is. Especially politics.

New Orleans Saints visiting Seattle Seahawks, were they? Expect it was a good American football game!

Yep … and unexpected.

Is there a survey to complete or not? I am well under 65…


Identifying carers ?

Been a problem ever since " Carers " were first recognised :