LA wants child dla mobility lower rate to top up PA mileage

My council in Scotland wants me to use child dla lower rate mobility benefit to top up the Personal Assistants mileage money they will give me to the 45p per mile.

Can you tell me if other councils (preferably in Scotland) ask this or do not ask this?

I have already had guidance from carers uk on why and how they can justify this.

My child is unfairly disadvantaged because we live in a rural location and it’s several miles to the nearest cafe and even to his library at his catchment area secondary school. So his money will be used up quickly.
Here’s the council info below, TIA

If your child receives DLA Mobility Component or PIP Mobility this will affect the amount we can contribute towards the identified need for social mileage:

DLA Mobility or PIP Mobility used for a Motability vehicle - 15 pence per mile
DLA Mobility or PIP Mobility no Motability vehicle - 25 pence per mile
No DLA Mobility or PIP Mobility - 45 pence per mile
Children and Families team contributes towards the cost of mileage to be paid to a Personal Assistant ¶ using their own vehicle to transport your child to activities which have been identified to meet your child’s desired outcomes. When employing a PA you can negotiate the mileage rate to be paid, but best practice would be to pay them 45 pence per mile. This can mean that you need to top-up our contribution to meet this cost.

Do you have a Motability car? Because all the DLA Mobility Component goes into that and there is nothing left to pay for mileage other than your own money (you can’t be charged), or his DLA Care Component - which cannot be used for mobility costs.

No we dont have a mobility car - which I’m assuming I dont have the option for one because we get the lower rate mobility component of child dla benefit.

So I just wonder if any other parent carers have been told they have to top up the mileage for a Personal Assistant?

I use the benefit to go towards the fuel and other costs of my car. My child’s dad has a car but it is away at work or can be away for a week at a time. Having my car means I can drive him to the gp and to school .

Ok, so that argument won’t help. I don’t know any Scottish carers who’ve been in this situation so can’t really help. It might be worth getting in touch with the Helpline. Probably best to contact them by email on