Katie Price: Harvey & Me documentary

Did anyone see this programme on BBC1?

Just watched it.

There was a lovely relationship between them and it raised the familiar concerns us parents and carers of LD adult children face.


I haven’t watched it yet. Am going to on catch-up. My daughter has, and said it’s very moving.

I think it was sensitively done for Harvey. And expressed a parents future concerns for their child/adult.

It would be good to see a follow up.

Harvey is a delight and has a very special personality. And you can clearly see how Katie has love and respect for him.

Yes, I really hope they do follow ups too.

He is a lovely young man.


yes this was a very moving documentary, and a true picture of what most parents have to face once their disabled children grow up.
i do admire Katy Price, she has always been so proud of Harvey and rightly so.

Couldn’t stand Katie Price until now but have warmed to her a bit.

The tabloids make Harvey sound like a monster but he is just a teenager who isn’t very well. He seemed like a lovely young man. Really charming as well.