Just started caring for my Mum who has heart failure

I’ve just moved my 81yr old Mum from Scotland to West London to live with me full time.
She has recently been diagnosed with heart failure.
It’s been a busy week trying to get her registered and to see her new GP here in London.
It’s taking time to get all her notes to the new surgery. Struggling to get her Nhs number sorted out as it’s different between Scotland and England. She needs the number to start seeing the heart failure team. She starting to forget things sometimes.
Meanwhile I’ve booked an hour of relaxation for myself on Saturday, half an hour of reflexology and half an hour of reiki.
When I’m not home caring for my Mum I’m a full time qualified Nanny looking after B3 & G5 Mon to fri.
Thanks for letting me join the group.

That’s officialdom gone mad! No treatment without a number?!
Have you tried looking at her covid vaccination record?
In England the number is on the record that comes up when you book a jab. Just a chance the same may apply in Scotland.
Otherwise ring the old GP practice manager and suggest politely that he gets off his backside and sorts this out!?
In the last week I’ve had four incidences of officials hiding behind rules and it’s driven me nuts.
Whatever happened to a smile, hello, can I help you.
Now it’s just excuses not to do what I want them to.
My bank - I’ve been a customer there for 45 years - wanted me to produce my passport for a £1,000 transaction yeterday, I don’t carry it in the UK. Even a photocopy wouldn’t suffice???

Hi Anne-Marie,
hope this is quickly sorted. It sounds like you really need your relaxation session - enjoy.

BB, I had to show three proofs of identity/address etc to collect my vaccination record from the surgery - I have been attending the same surgery for 32 years, I had just taken a call from them that it was ready to collect and I had to apply for it in writing …



Hi Ann-Marie

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