just saying hello

Hello everyone.
I am an 82 year old scouser based in kent and a carer for my 88 yr old hubby ,I was born in liverpool, but have lived in kent for 56 yrs. I believe I still have my scouse accent!!!
I look forward to asking so many questions on this site, and hopefully will get answers,not all of the questions have got answers I am afraid, it is all about the unfairness of being a full time carer
My hubby is in a hospital bed here in my lounge,so I have to deal with so much, even tho I have 8
carers day!!! yes 8.
all good fun eh

That is so unfair, I cannot understand why Social Services think a lounge is a suitable place for a bed!
Would you prefer him now to move to residential care?

Hello Bowling Bun.
He has had some bad happenings in hospital,yes he could have gone in a home,how-ever at the moment It is ok rather here than there eh Monto

Hello and welcome

Have you requested a needs assessment or not from the council?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

That sounds like a tough situation. Are you able to get any time to yourself? It is so important to have support in place so you can have a break away from this situation. Particularly as it must be hard to relax at home with the carers coming in.

We’re here if you need us. xx

Hello sally.
Time to myself! what is that, I have forgotten, have been his carer unpaid of course for over 12 yrs,why unpaid you ask, age related, in the first instance,then because my pension of £77 is £12 over limit, never had any luck trying to get carers allowance crazy but true. so many of us in the same boat
as you know. I had a financial assessment ten days ago and have to pay something for the carers.

I would love this to be changed for every-one. Ce"est la vie. Maybe some-one will start a campaign

This makes me so sad for you. I agree it is ridiculous that retired carers cannot claim carers allowance. It totally devalues the work you do. I understand how hard this is for you. My Mum cared for my Dad for many years and very rarely got a break too. We used to use Dad’s attendance allowance to get a sitter in every Friday for my Mum so she at least got some time to herself. Never enough and she always had to leave the house, which felt deeply unfair given all she probably wanted to do was be at home in front of the telly! But was at least something. Are you claiming Attendance Allowance for your husband?

Another thought is some respite care for your husband? Although again, you may have to contribute to this?

Have you had a Carers Assessment for yourself? Sometimes they might be able to give you some funds to do something for yourself. But I think is a bit variable from local authority to local authority?

I would also love things to change. It always feels to me that the cared for person has a stack of rights and the carer has none. What other job would you be expected to put in 12 years 24/7 service without a break?

I feel for you.

Has anyone discussed NHS Continuing Healthcare with you? Any amount of FREE care for him, if he qualifies. Google it for more info.