It's not only me

Hi I’m new to this and I’m sorry if I have not done this correctly. My names Mel I’m 42 I’m sole carer for my mum who has small cell lung cancer and tbh I’m terrified not got a single clue what I’m suppost to do. Mum just had second session of 5days worth of radiotherapy and has come home in absolute agony with rib pain. How do people cope with trying to sooth a patient in pain when they have no clue what to do for them?

Does she have any prescribed medication to help with the pain?

Get in touch with either the hospital that performed the radiotherapy or with her GP and discuss it, either ask for some or tell them that what she has isn’t working.

Melanie, you shouldn’t be dealing with this on your own. Definitely contact her GP and/or the hospital immediately and say that you need to know what to do to help mum.

It is NOT acceptable that she hasn’t been given appropriate pain relief.

Can you tell us a bit more about mum? How old is she, does she need any help with daily living?

Hello and welcome!

Who is her doctor? Try contacting him to say she is in pain. What medication does she currently take? Is it working? If not, ask them to schedule a appointment to talk about her pain. It is a good idea to ask questions too. Mention your fears and worries at the appointment.

Please tell us more about your mother. What stage of cancer is it? Is it curable or not? How old is she now? This is not okay. No one should have to suffer this much pain alone. I recommend keeping a diary about her pain, with all the details to help. The details of who to contact should be listed on all of her appointment letters. Ring the cancer team in the morning or email tonight asking for advice. What treatments were previously tried? Did they work?

Opioids are commonly used to treat pain in cancer patients across the country. Ask about Fentanyl. Just remember it is a strong prescription medicine however that comes in three forms. Is there a pain specialist you could talk to? Additionally you might find that a pallative cancer care nurse may also be able to help offer suggestions and recommendations.

Make notes during the appointment.