My mum health

Hiya all sorry not yet put on on here as since last 5ime i was on my mum been in hosptail she now has a infection on her leg which is very painful for her she has been put on morfine for her pain now the doctors are saying she moght not be home any time soon she be get kept in she id vomiting with everything she eats she sleeps all the time but i dont need to ask why all this is it is cause she is at end of life kidney renal (faluire) i think that she might not come home at all :sweat::sweat:

A very difficult time for you. Have you discussed palliative or hospice care for your mother? My mum spent some time in a peaceful hospice near her home. She got the care she needed without the hustle and noise of being in a hospital bay.

Hospice doctors were able to give mum a variety of pain meds to best treat her pain and minimise side effects. Some of the residents were able to return home as their condition allowed. They also offered hospice care at home and support for families.

Hi Trisha,
I’m sorry to hear your update. A very difficult time for you both.

Has she been on morphine before? It does make some folk very nauseous. A tricky situation as she clearly needs strong painkillers. Perhaps, if this were the case, they could administer it in another form.

I agree with Rosemary, it’s worth investigating hospice care. Several of my friends have personal experience of the fabulous environment, care and support they offer for the patient and their family.


Hi there my mum is now on constant morfine a tube going in her stomach it seems to be helping her with the pain i got told that once they get that in they only have few weeks to live so i am just taking day by day xx thank you for u replys much appreciated