It seems it is going back to square one

As it says in the title, things are seems to be going backwards than forwards.
Know mum is trying to make her self well which is good but it’s becoming o the point again where mum is pushing the buttons to make me annoyed with her.
Waking me up early for sweets
Cleaning the toilet every 5 mins
Emptying food bags when it is needed to lack of space
Making food that is not needed
Wanting things to be brought from upstairs to downstairs before building work has started to do new bedroom
Wanting not only wanting to go out when I have things need to be done but just wants to spend
Not letting me have time or space to myself
As soon as I come in through the door, wants food to be made
Coming home from being out and finding extra work being made that is not needed.
Her social worker is off for the moment but hope she is back soon, no one in mental health are willing to help until the social worker is back. Even dad is not doing anything to help to stop it.

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Maybe try keeping a diary of what happens. Also see if you can get live in care in place for her for now.

Thanks, until her social worker is back, nothing can be done

Hi Micheal
It is profoundly difficult in these circumstances that you describe, we have been caring alongside chaos for 10 years.
I have to find ways to conserve energy at a mind level.I am sure you do this.
I listen to Pema Chodron who is not everyone’s go to resource. It is a case of finding a way of giving up on thinking how things should be at times.
I hope you don’t mind me sharing how I cope as we are all different.
I hope the social worker returns or is replaced
Warmly Ula

Any update original poster.

Still waiting for the social worker to come back. Mum has reached that peak but gone backwards down it than up and over it. It has not help that yesterday I had to go twice to get her weekly meds as the pharmacist who had done the prescription had filled it somewhere else and not with the rest. I have complained that every other week there is a problem in getting it and it is getting most annoying for all of us. I had mum kick off yesterday as well which did not help for trying to clear space for more equipment for dad as he was in hospital over night due to collapsing from over doing it to walk to the bathroom, that came about from his recliner chair failing twice and a argument I had with social services about someone coming to fix it. I have got to hear from the person of complaints.