Is Scotland governed by the Care Act 2014?

Does anyone know if Scotland have to abide by the Care Act?

Because I’m seeing more and more reports like this where their local governments are pushing blanket care policies onto people. It’s my understanding that blanket policies on any kind of care are unlawful under the act, so is it that they don’t have to comply with the act, or that familiar case of - “we’ll use a blanket policy on everyone until someone realizes we can’t and takes action”?


A guide to the Law relating to social care in Scotland :

Legislation protecting people in care | Care Information Scotland


Legislation protecting people in care

The Scottish equivalent of the Care Act :

Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

16 Acts to browse through ?

AJ, another shocking story, especially since those with non-verbal autism don’t make “usual” sounds. Their sounds are unique to them and therefore they aren’t understood or easily interpreted by someone else unless that person knows them well.

I’ve had this happen with S, when he started somewhere new. The person accompanying him home said he’s been ever so happy, just listen to him. I had to explain that he wasn’t making happy sounds, he was actually distressed.