Is it bipolar type 2? I'm at my wits end!


I’m at a loss. My partner, when recently ex due to the difficulties, has a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and Adhd. He also has experienced extreme paranoia that presented like psychosis. But I noticed some patterns after being with him for almost two years and I’m wondering if I’m right and he may always have type 2 bipolar.

So on top of his mood swings in a day, he seems to have periods of time where he is consistently low and then suddenly high.

When he’s low he:

  • sleeps more, complaining of having no energy
  • does less work/engage in hobbies
  • avoids social situations
  • pushes people away (and where his PD plays a role, feels he doesn’t love any one)
  • but will still engage in pleasure seeking behaviours to get an instant boosts like flirtatious to other women.
  • more suicide ideation and self harm

Recently he’s seemed high, his symptoms are:

  • a little less sleep, before he’d sleep until 1pm on the weekends but now will wake up at 10am and be ready to go. But he is still feeling tired.
  • talking a lot more than usual, and sometimes about a lot of subjects
  • very irritable
  • engaging in risky behaviours, acting on impulse, meeting girls (which he knows upsets me but he does it any way), spending more money
  • suddenly doing work, engaging in his hobbies and being social.
  • feeling happy
  • becoming very paranoid: he thinks his neighbours hate him, that I’m cheating on him, that the police are out to get him, that I’m making fake social media accounts
  • suddenly being overly loving, when he isn’t irritable, reaching out to his parents more, being very attentive to me.

Because of his current state he met a girl behind my back and became very hostile, accused me of cheating and been very difficult so I had to walk away this time. But I want to understand the situation better. Is this type 2 bipolar? Or something else.

Thank you

Hmm, well, whatever it is, and whatever is causing it, one thing is for sure - it is making YOUR life very, very difficult.

do you really want to commit your life to this man ‘for ever’?

living out your life with someone with a mental illness of any kind is incredibly challenging. Also, all sorts of things that non-MI folk take for granted - from making a career to having children and a stable financial set up - become impossible.

you may not want to ‘abandon’ him, you may love him deeply, but you may also be committing yourself to a life of continual grielf and unhappiness and unfulfillment, and condemn yourself to be a life-long carer of a deeply ‘wounded’ person.

be very, very careful…

(I was raised by a mum with severe MI - paranoid delusions for a start - so I do not speak with deliberate cruelty and indifference - but from grim experience.)