Invitation to carers' event in Birmingham on Wed 24 July

Calling all forum members in Birmingham and surrounding areas,

You are warmly invited to Carers UK’s latest roadshow event.

When: Wednesday 24 July (1.30pm – 4.15pm)

Venue: Carrs Lane Conference Centre, The Church at Carrs Lane, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX

We are delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting this event alongside Carers United, a Sutton-based charity that offers information, support and advice to carers.

Join us for a relaxed, enjoyable afternoon, where you’ll connect with other carers, find out how we’re championing carers’ rights and receive tips on how to take care of your health and wellbeing.

In addition to receiving afternoon tea and cake, and contributing to interactive discussions, you’ll be able to meet other carers and visit information stands where you can find out what support is available near you.

If you would like to attend please email or call 020 73784989. Once you register your interest, we will then respond to confirm your registration and will send you further information a couple of weeks before the event.

Do feel free to bring along anyone else you know who looks after someone. Places are limited, so please contact us quickly to guarantee your place.

We hope to see you there.

With best wishes,

Lizzie, Michael and Lucy
Carers UK

Needless to add , any leftovers ?

The carers using the local food bank less than a mile away would appreciate the gesture.

( Nothing too rich , mind … delicate stomachs where food banks are concerned !
Lynne will confirm that … if you ask her ? )

Supplies are always running low as demand continues to rise.

A CUK Roadshow that delivers … in more ways than one ?

And , don’t forget to add a couple of jars of Bovril.

I got my invitation thanks but as I am a fulltime carer i can’t afford to get there and get someone to take over my care duties …

70 attended according to FaceAche … photo and brief " Thank you " … does not transfer over :

Birmingham Mail ?

Nothing … so far ?

If CUK is going to arrange this sort of meeting, then it needs to get it’s act together and give details 12 months in advance so that carers can arrange care for their relatives.

Even that won’t work for many if their caree has a fluctuating illness / condition , BB.

Some might need to do as I did … my birthday in 2001 … take their caree with them … and face opening questions like
I did … " This meeting is for carers. Why did you need to bring your mother in a wheelchair ? " … the infamous PRT ( Now
Carers Trust meeting in Oulton Broad … 7 of them … 50 expected … food and provisions to boot … 5 plus my mother attended
… including the petition for the Carers Flag Scheme ! )

( Watching a couple of them struggle with my mother when she need to visit the ladies … priceless ! )

At least I ate well that day.

This is why the government continues to treat us like slaves, they never see the people stuck in their homes 24/7, or their carers.

It would be interesting to have some feedback from this event, either from CUK or attendees.

Hi Bowlingbun,

To give you a bit of an update, we had 70 attendees - our highest turn-out to date. We also had 10 stands hosted by various local and national organisations where carers could find out what information and support is available. Over afternoon tea, the attendees received tips on taking care of their nutrition (as well as the person they care for), they heard from a carer about her caring experience and how that motivated her to volunteer, and we had stimulating discussions about campaigning. The event provided a good opportunity to connect face-to-face with carers and some of our volunteers. We also had the honour of recognising one of our long-time volunteers (who also happens to be one of Carers UK founding members!) for her commitment to supporting carers in the Birmingham area over many years.

As requested, here is some of the feedback we received from attendees:

“Just wanted to say how good yesterday’s meeting was. I now have support and feel better than I have in a very long time."

“It was a great event and I did meet and speak with a number of carers, everyone has a story. We are all so different and yet the same.”

“Thank you for organizing and inviting us to such a lovely, well attended event yesterday. Both myself and my colleague really appreciated the opportunity to share some of what we do as an organisation with the people who attended.” (Feedback from stand holder)

We hope to squeeze another event before the end of the year. Location TBC.

Thanks Lizzie.

Out of curiosity , anyone from the local food banks drop in to give advice / guidance ?

In many manors , the food banks are now the hub for anyone seeking the same … even the local CAB have now closed
here in Worksop ( Funding cuts ) , leaving a huge void.

Hi Chris, there wasn’t any reps from the local food back. One of the attendees did kindly take the remaining refreshments to give to a local project though. Shame to hear the local CAB has closed.

Thanks Lizzie.

CAB closing ?

No great surprise if CUK read the forum more often … many of the support services still listed on the main site only
exist on paper … not in the real world.

Their closure can be offset on many manors by local grass root organisations … sometimes , just individuals like here in
Worksop … doing the best they can to fill that void … completely under the radar of the tradional supporting organisations
… the only exceptions being Trussells / Shelter / Age UK … all changing their traditional ways of doing things to meet the
challenges on the street.

Something I pointed out to David Grayson during his only session on here so far …, and as amplified by a separate thread :

As the crisis deepens , so does the need for a different way of thinking / doing things increases.

Next roadshow ?

Be brave and host one in one of the top ten of the deprived areas in the UK … and an open one at that.
( Our birthday congratulations to Carers UK Admin … 102 today ! ).