Incontinence Pads on the NHS - Help

It may well be different for men and women. In our case it was not urinary incontinence because my brother used a Conveen. It was also not the quality of the pads but the size - he needed extra large ones. It took over a year to even locate a continence nurse - I only found one because a neighbour across the road had worked for them in the past. The GP was very helpful and gave us whatever we wanted. I was certainly convinced that we had the largest pads the NHS supplied. I cannot say if it was a postcode lottery - we weren’t going to move. At least our borough provided CHC!

Oh gosh, I had a much better experience than anyone on this thread. I seem to remember that I contacted a continence nurse myself. Mum was supplied with ‘panties’ for a while but eventually had ‘tenna’ large size full capacity continence pads which ‘velcroed’ around her waist. She was supplied with 4 a day, on prescription, delivered in boxes with 3 month’s supply a time. Worked fine.
My only concern was that when she died the remaining boxes couldn’t be returned because ‘it cost more to return than to supply’ ??
I gave the boxes to Mum’s care team to hand out to other needy persons. Wondered how many were ‘tipped’ by grieving relatives with that no return policy.
I’m going back a few years here but perhaps a continence nurse has more to offer when it comes to pads than a district nurse?
The DNs who attended my mum came to dress a wound on her leg when she drove he chair into a table and a boil on her back which she had to have seen to in hospital but the OT and CN I found for myself.
I also recommend that people search their LA web site, Dig deep because there may be more on offer than is widely publicised.

Stephen, I’d be the first to agree you should complain here.

I would re-iterate though Stephen that the DN can only give you what he/she is allowed to give. Its not up to them at all.

The DN doesn’t care about costs. They gain nothing by giving you the cheap ones and keeping the better ones. In fact, they’d prefer everyone was happy. The management, on the other hand, not so…

It’s a week later since I was promised a call back from the DN i spoke to and still nothing.

WHY PROMISE TO CALL YOU BACK, when you have no intention of doing so?

In the meantime, I’ve paid another £22 for Mums pads to last another two weeks.

From now on I’m going to take names and shame and complain about every single District Nurse who doesn’t keep their word…

Lie to me once, shame on me. Lie to me twice shame on you. Lie to me twenty three times, you are a complete basket case .

District Nurses have lied to me on twenty three times…Shame on them. I hope they sleep well at night.


Spot on… There are a lot of lazy people who work for the NHS - Stephen has met a lot of them it seems.

I’d say you have every right to do this. The medical professional should be doing what they can. As I’ve mentioned before, there are limits to what they are allowed,but if they can justify their decisions then thats fine. I’d do the same.

I’ve met one useless Nurse, Paul, the supplier of inadequate pads until I complained, the same DN turned up a week late and asked what Mum needed. .Then promised certain things six weeks ago which haven’t transpired…

Our Carers said the pads weren’t fit for children, I’m now paying £21 a week for this useless Woman’s negligence.

Were about to run out of the “Night time” pads which we use for the 2 hours between tea and night call.

Why promise something you can’t keep. I’m going to do my best to have this DN fired…She is unfit for purpose.

Stephen - I think you’re right to complain to at least get the best you can get. As I said before though, scheduling etc is not really up to the individual DN - theres a chance this got passed to someone else who decided they couldn’t spare the DN for a week, and/or someone else hasn’t sorted supplies in those 6 weeks.

Honestly though - find out whats going on first and get the situation sorted.

Stephen, you are definitely complaining to the wrong people.

This sort of thing is ultimately the responsibility of your local NHS CCCG - Clinical Care Commissioning Group.

Why not get in touch with their Complaints Officer, do NOT have a moanfest, just have a “fishing trip”, as I call it. Be nice as pie, ask if they can forward you a copy of the policy regarding pads for the area in wherever you live, ask her to email it to you.

Then find out who sits on the CCCG, which is usually easy to do, and find the nearest person to your area to talk to, and explain how policy is affecting you.

There is also a charity called “Bladder and Bowel UK” who may be able to give you advice.

I think my problem BB, is that the District Nurse agreed to provide Mum with better pads after failing Mum first time. But six weeks later she hasn’t kept her promise.

One of Mums carers keeps moaning that Mums pads aren’t sufficient, despite Mum wearing the more expensive ones that I pay for.
When I told her they were the best I could find, ID Expert Maxi which makes poor Mum look like a Sumo wrestler, she soon shut up.

To all the carers out there, can you name the best pads for my Mum, she spends 12 hours in bed and 12 hours on her seat, If there is a better pad available than the ones I’m buying, I will be grateful…