I need help

I am a carer from my husband and i try my best but nithing i do help and then i got nobody for me

Hi Julie,
welcome back to the forum.

It sounds like life is still tough and your husband is still suffering from mental health issues?

I think a lot of carers ask, “What about me?” Who looks after us? The honest answer is, it’s us - we have to look after ourselves, which is exhausting when we use up so much energy looking after someone else. We can best look after ourselves by eating healthily, trying to exercise, finding a way to socialise and grabbing moments of Me Time. Are you able to do some/all of these, to top up your resilience?


Hi Julie,

Can you give us a bit more information so that we can make a few suggestions.

How old are you and your husband? What is wrong with him?
Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment?

Hi Julie. I understand how you feel. Has your husband got any friends you/he could phone and visit him? Is there anyone you can contact? If so, give them a call