I hold myself back because I’m worried what people will thin

I hold myself back because I’m worried what people will think Can you really stop caring what people think of you?


Occupational hazard … even then , many outsiders would object to the word OCCUPATION in our context.

( Your thread title … oh for the want of a K ? )

David, can you explain WHEN you “hold yourself back”?

It can be truly liberating to get beyond this. It took counselling when I was 60 to help me see this.

I used to care A LOT. I no longer care a JOT. I don’t know what got me to this point! Mainly this forum I think. Years of worrying about other people, about whether I was doing the right thing, and whether people thought I was doing the right thing really got to me.

I now think people only have a right to judge if they have genuinely walked in my shoes for a while. I am genuinely doing my best under rubbish circumstances and have been doing so for 8 years in a full-on manner. More casually for much longer than that. If you want to judge me go ahead, but I KNOW that I am doing my best. Learnign from my MANY mistakes. So anyone who want to think ill of me is not worth it an can frankly “go do one”!

Can we help you get to this point too??

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