I have to re-apply for my respite

In early May this year we had a burst pipe in our house which resulted in my husband who I am full time carer to and I having to leave our home
Since then we have been in a static caravan with our 2 dogs 120miles away from home (due to it being summer time and having to have accommodation suitable for someone with mobility problems and 2 dogs) consequently I have had no respite carers since then, I used to have a 6hr per week sitting service paid for by my local authority.
To say I am depressed and climbing the walls would be putting it mildly, our home is still being dried and all the floors int our bungalow have been removed and I don’t know when we will get home.

My husband has said he will try and stay alive until we are back in our own place but he is talking about his death a lot

Assuming we both make it back to our home, what are the chances of me getting help by having carers In For the 6hours again I really really need some me time and to catch up on paper work etc,
How long do you think I will have to wait to get carers back in
When I told the local authority what had happened their response was well we will simply cancel everything and when you come back you will have to reapply
Any advice would betrully appreciated

My immediate reaction is for you to seek expert advice … a LA failing in it’s duty of care ?

CAB recommended :


SHELTER also springs to mind on the housing side :


( I have assumed that your insurance cover did not cover alternative accomodation ? )