I blame Psychiatrist; they are overpaid for what they do

I now lay the blame for the current situation with my mum on the Psychiatrists.

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Can you find another doctor or not? I agree. I hated my brother’s first ever urologist from the outset. I wrote a polite email and copied in the head of department as well. This is a national issue. The newspapers might be interested. Sell it as a human rights story for full impact. I concur with you. On the other hand since I work with children and adults with physical disabilities I have met a number of professional caring kind specialists.

There are some physicians who for sure care. I just find it appalling that the ones dealing with mum are just the sort who wash their hands. The current one does not want to prescribe any new medication for fear of upsetting the apple cart, when the apple cart has already crashed.

This is the entire problem, when the cart is broken, who cares? Can you change doctors or not?

No; we are stuck to the same ineffectual psychiatrist, who can only delegate to another, but who stays in-charge.

I realize that the Mental Health Act has been amended to place more power in the patients hands; but if that’s the case - what’s the point of having psychiatrists who can’t act for fear of breaking the Law?

It’s clear mum is going off the rails; whilst possessing some capacity.