Another profiteering story

Yet another new story about the profits being made by big companies from NHS/SS contracts, especially in the mental health areas

And the government is wondering where our money goes…and how to increase our contributions. :unamused:

Profiteers of Misery: Parents slam health fat cats in UK and US who are raking in as much as £730,000 annually for every autistic child they ‘lock up’ in secretive secure psychiatric units

**_Seven providers charging taxpayers £730,000 a year for locked up patients.

The patients, with autism and learning difficulties, are held in psychiatric units.

The units are controversial as they are both very secure and extremely secretive.

Furious families say that the medical bosses are all " Profiteering from misery. "_**

**_A cluster of " Fat cat " private operators is creaming off hundreds of millions of pounds from the NHS after muscling in on the cruel but lucrative trade in locking up people with autism and learning disabilities.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that seven providers are charging taxpayers up to £730,000 a year for each patient held in controversial and secretive secure psychiatric units.

There are 2,375 people with autism and learning disabilities held in assessment and treatment units (ATUs) at a cost of about half a billion pounds a year, with scores more held in other secure units. One man alone is thought to have cost taxpayers more than £10 million after being held against his family’s wishes for more than 17 years.

Two giant US healthcare companies, a global private equity group and a Guernsey-based hedge fund have joined two British firms and a major charity operating in the sector and are giving their bosses massive pay packages.

They are expanding operations despite Government pledges to move people with autism and learning disabilities out of secure units and into the community after a series of abuse scandals._**

**_The revelations led Mr Hancock to order an urgent inquiry into the use of segregation and long-term seclusion. The Equality and Human Rights Commission warned the NHS could face a formal investigation for human rights abuses of vulnerable people. Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that firms in this sector include:

An American healthcare giant whose boss earned £39.5 million in one year, despite his firm facing allegations of fraud and ‘preying’ on vulnerable people to boost profits in secure units ;

Another huge US firm that handed five executives almost £15 million last year and has been snapping up British operators, including the Priory Group, famous for also treating celebrities ;

A controversial British company that paid one director more than £1 million over two years despite claims that their staff failed to stop patients self-harming, with one patient later dying, and allegations of a sex assault in a hospital ;

Groups controlling firms that run a secure unit in Norfolk which are owned by two families who pocketed £2,261,782 in pay and dividends over the past year ;

Another British firm, backed by private equity and formed only 23 months ago, which runs 55 units and turns over £176 million, with 31.4 per cent profit margins ;

A charity that is Britain’s biggest provider of specialist psychiatric care that gave its departed chief executive nearly £1 million over the past two years, despite being at the centre of claims that it fed teenagers in solitary confinement through hatches._**

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In essence , how we , the taxpayers , are subsidising private enterprise.