I am worried about my boyfriend who's mother has bipolar

I want to help my boyfriend, he has depression and is really struggling with his mum who has bipolar disorder. I get very upset about how she affects my boyfriend, when she Is feeling delicate and me getting emotional doesn’t help my boyfriend.

Basically my boyfriend spends his life walking on egg shells because he’s scared of upsetting her and he has become repressed and will do anything to make people happy and hes also struggling with money because he supports his family, he was using his student money, while he was doing his degree but now hes finished and cant find work , and his mum wont accept any benefits for her health and wont admit outside of family she has bipolar and I only know because because boyfriend told me

an example from the other day, was he said hopefully one day he will have enough money to move out and his mother spent the next week saying how everyone hates her , only keep her around because she cooks and she expected my boyfriend to kick her out the house , and she kept asking odd questions to check he wasn’t going to move out … e.g. she said I have this form todo with the house and need to know if you ( my boyfriend ) are going to be living here for the next six months ? which was made up

The thing is my boyfriends trys so hard not to upset anyone and now he blames himself because he spoke without thinking , when he said one day he hopes to have enough money to move out. I keep getting upset and ranting about her and he keeps blaming himself for upsetting me because he spoke about her , when actually I’m not upset at him but I’m just worried about him

Hello and welcome!

Is she seeing a therapist or not?