How To Get Husband To Doctors?

I think my aspie husband is getting early onset dementia .Over the last year he has forgotten how to do many things and his sense of direction has plummeted .His Mum has Alzheimers and my Mum had dementia so I am fairly sure it’s one of them .I have spoken to him about going to the doctors but he won’t hear of it .What should I do ? thank you .

I wrote to my late husband’s doctor and explained my concerns etc.
He then asked to see my husband which worked. Hubby actually allowed me to go with him!
Worth a try

Thank you Pet66 , that may just work .

Hi BG - I would suggest as Pet did, contact his GP and explain the situation and the GP should take the initiative to take the pressure off you and deflect any accusation of trying to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do. GP’s have to deal with this sort of thing all the time so they are used to finding ‘excuses’ to request a patient pop in.

Thanks Chris ,it’s an awkward situation .

Yes, so hard to get him to do what is clearly best for him. Been there with my Dad and that was a miserable time.

Good luck

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Well I wrote to our G/P , and they put me in the awful situation of having to tell him we were going to the doctors next week because I was worried about him .I was hoping they’d contact him and say we need to have a talk to you about your current prescription for example .This happened to my sister when she asked to take my mum along , and she could barely stand it because she had to tell the doc everything - in front of my Mum !! My Mum kept saying - who the hell are you talking about ? That’s not me ! I didn’t do that ! Now I’ll have the same thing and then face the music after we’ve left ! This isn’t how I thought it would be .

Oh no. This is a very unfair situation. Have you been given any reason as to why they can’t comply with your request.
Can you have a chat to the practice manager. Explain how much extra pressure you feel under?

You would do best to go back to the Practice Manager and explain that they are putting you in a safeguarding situation, and need to address your concerns about the way they are handling things. Hopefully that will make them have another think.

Agree with the comments, you MUST stress the safeguarding issue. Believe me, I had a similar situation when I went with my husband to the Memory Clinic. Wishing you all the very best.

Take a notepad in order to make some brief summary notes. Good luck. You are in my prayers.

Thank you all for the helpful replies .I will be taking notes with me and taking into account all your advice above .Will report back Weds evening thanks .

Hi , my doctor gave me some time to talk to her alone - this was very useful .Then she did the “memory test” on my hub , it was nothing like my Mums one, where she had to count backwards from 100 by 7’s .He had to count down from 20 - 1.He was asked to name the 12 months of the year backwards but he couldn’t do it .That coupled with some of his behaviours was enough to make her concerned so he is being referred on to the Mental Health team , sent for a brain scan , and an assessment from Social Services .Does anyone one know if the S.S. are always done at home ? are they done by phone or zoom ? My hub hates having strangers in the house .Thanks .