How do I not say dumb stuff

every time I try to talk to someone I always feel like I say something dumb or weird or maybe it isn’t either I have no idea and I hate it, every time I try to speak to a girl I think I just make the conversation weird or awkward and she stops talking to me or is she just busy? I have no idea then I wonder if I try to continue or what then I do and I just feel like I made it worse and I try to fix it and it’s a mess and it just makes me sad and angry

Hi Rajesh

This forum is really aimed at people caring for other people, including caring for people with autism. Although some of us might have limited experience of what you’ve posted about, I doubt we’re the right people to help.

I notice you’ve posted this on a forum for people with autism, and that you’ve had replies. That may be the best place for you to raise these sorts of questions.

If you’re caring for someone else, we’d me more than glad to discuss those sorts of issues with you.