Hi new to forum

Hi, I’m a full time carer to my husband.
He has mental health problems, even thou he is on medication and seeing phycologist he not better, out of 30 days he probably has 5 good days.
I’m also a mum of 3 children. 5,2 and 11 months.
I’m overwhelmed most days and sometimes feel like I’m failing as a wife and as a mum .
Join here hoping for some support and advice. Thank you

Hi and welcome

What is happening that you need to be available to your husband full time. You are a full time mum. Am I guessing one child may have started school. And two are at home.

You need to link up with a local carers group. There is lots of help information and like minded people. You would no longer feel alone.

As all of your children are young. Where you husband problems all ready established.

I know this is going to sound mean, but you must sort out your contraception as a matter of urgency. You already have a huge workload, and it’s time to accept that more children are going to make things intolerable. How much help do you get from your husband with the kids?

Hey. I’m new here too. I just wanted to express my support to you.