Hi I'm new

I’m Kim , 59 . I’m a full time carer for my 85 year old mum who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. I also care for my husband who is awaiting knee surgery and has been unable to work for the last 2 years. I look after my 2 year granddaughter 5 days a week while her parents are at work and is awaiting appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon about her legs and during school holidays I look after my other granddaughter who is autistic. To say I am a bit overstretched is putting it mildly.
At the moment having just had the diagnosis for my mom she has decided not to bother with biopsy or treatments as she feels she is doing well at the moment and the hospital has said the treatment would be harsh on mom. She has taken it all really well. I cared for my dad for 5 years until ha passed on 5 years ago and been caring for mom ever since.
I have diabetes and am also a celiac. Looking after everyone takes its toll but I don’t have anyone to down load to as they have me to down load to. Sorry to ramble on

Hi Kim,
Welcome to the forum.
I’m exhausted just reading about all the caring you are doing.
I honestly think your family are expecting too much of you, what do you think?
Maybe it’s time for you to be less hands on and be there for emergencies, back up and in as a care organiser etc

The little two year old could be catered for in a decent nursery or have a child minder (both her parents are earning!) The grandchild with ASD, could attend a specialist playscheme in the summer and Easter hols as a miminum.
Does your Mum have paid care workers in addition to the support you give her? With her latest diagnosis, does she have a Cancer nurse to advise and support?
Hopefully hubby will get his op soon and then he ’ ll qualify for rehab support, provided you both don’t say he doesn’t need it.