Hi. I'm new to the forum, but not to caring

Sorry to bumble in with a q like this, but I cant get a definitive answer.
I am a live in fulltime carer for my father who has multiple illnesses. C pap at night and insulin dependant being the main ones.
I have my 10 yr old, from whom, I am separated from his father for the whole 10yrs.
He last night ,and today, tried to bribe him to see him with another xbox, if he were to agree to coming to stop with him for a week. My son luckily said he didnt need another…
I have never stopped contact in the past, but I truly believe, we all are having to make sacrifices atm…

Hi Karen, welcome to the forum

I completely understand you wanting to keep your Father safe at this time and the guidelines for doing so are very clear. Start with our Coronavirus information page which also directs you to government information:


Best wishes