Help with LPA busing/selling a house x

Hi there, Can anyone help with the process of moving house when LPA is involved? My poor parents are having a nightmare.
My dad has dementia and in 2017 I set up LPA for him with my mum as the attorney. Further down on the form it lists myself and my brother as replacement attorneys should anything happen to my mum
Now my mum and dad own their home and are moving to a house which is being adapted to meet my dad’s needs plus is closer to my brother who can help with care etc. The sale of their house will fully find the purchase of the new house. The solicitor handling the conveyancing is making a right meal of it all and doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. He originally said that my mum couldn’t act as attorney for my dad to purchase the new property as she is one of the purchasers so they said she can’t act on his behalf if she is also involved as a buyer. Eventually after weeks of wrangling they have sent out a letter to add my bother as a second attorney. They seem to be making everything as complicated as possible. I just wondered if anyone else had been in this position where a couple own a property jointly and want to sell up to move but the LPA is causing a problem? As my brother is already on the LPA as a replacement attorney could that not suffice or do we have to go through the process of setting up a new LPA with him and my mum as joint attorneys? It doesn’t help that the solicitor sounds like he’s just out of school and knows absolutely nothing about all of this!
Any help much appreciated

Hi Sarah.

Expert advice strongly recommended … none of us forum members are " Experts " in the legal sense of the word.

CAB and / or CUK’s own Advice Team … links follow … CUK best by email :
Citizens Advice

Let us know how how matters progress … it will add to our knowledge base as well as possibly aiding future visitors to the forum.

Personally I’d get in touch with both the Law Society and the Office of Public Guardian, who I believe are ultimately responsible for POA’s etc.