Help with joining in

I am struggling to find link for sharing a cuppa video chat,

I also wanted to join in with roll call but I am not sure what to share.
Maybe roll call is a closed group and I do not want to intrude.
I tried one post but it seemed a bit different from other members.

I care for my adult daughter with schizophrenia.
I also work in the nhs.
She has been unwell for at least 10 years .
i am Quite new to the forum so still trying to find my way around.
I also have to type with out being able to read my post as I have a tablet with a small screen so my posts are shorter than some peoples.

This forum has helped me cope with isolation feelings .

I think everyone posts different things in the Roll Call Ula - maybe what happens in a typical day? I try to concentrate on a mix of positive and negative things. It is a close group but we are all Carers so it is supportive.

Thanks, I understand more now, very he!pfull.

It’s a mix of all sorts of things. I know that many of us are unable to socialise due to Covid worries as well as their caring role. We have different ways of coping. I had a really stressful day yesterday, last night I just had to do something sewing related to get it out of the system… I spent an hour preparing the fabric my next project, which helped me destress and sleep better. Helena has prize winning cats and is an avid reader. Some of us share information about nature, and our gardens. One member paints. Whatever is going on in the world, nature keeps going, daffodils know when to flower. What so you like to do?

“Care for a Cuppa” zoom sessions are here: Online meetups | Carers UK
and the “Share & Learn” ones are here:Share and Learn | Carers UK

There is also a “Listening” service here: Listening Support Service | Carers UK

Roll Call is our “over the garden fence” chat section :slight_smile: Where members can share bits of their day - good or bad !

Prize winning cats, sewing and garden fence chat.
A colourful patch work quilt description of this warm online community.
I have just been reading about hedges and the trees, animals and insects they support.
I am trying to do some rather tangled drawings of people and hedges, this helps me to settle.
I am spending what time I can getting to know my local hedgerows.
My daughter is trialling new medication to Try to help her be calm and reduce psychosis voices.
It would mean the world to me if she can be more at peace.
thanks for asking about me.
Warmly Ula

Sadly, to most people, carers are almost invisible.

Yes, this forum has helped me feel more visible.
Caring takes so much patience and strength, I wish carers were better cared for by our culture.