help with funding for a college course

Hi , can anyone help me. I’m looking to find info on wether I can get any help with funding to do a college course. I am currently on income support and carers allowance. I left school at a very young age so didn’t get any qualifications I just ended up working in factories and bars etc. I have wanted to do level 1 and 2 health and social care courses but I just can’t afford them and at the time they stated I wasn’t eligible for funding. I was very disappointed as how are people meant to get anywhere in their life they basically said I would have to be on universal credit and not be a carer for my 21year old son which I thought was very inconsiderate. Could anyone advise me I’d really love to be able to get some training in health and social care so I could at some point get into work and also gain some qualifications. Only just joined this site . Thank you. Stephanie

Hi Stephanie,

The Open University offer bursaries and support for carers Fees | Funding | Bursaries | The Open University

Carers Uk has a little info on adult education too Thinking of returning to work? | Carers UK

How much support does your son need?


Under one of the carers acts, they can fund academic courses, through a Carers Assessment.
However, they wouldn’t fund the sewing course I wanted to do, they suggested I do something academic instead.
I then pointed out that I was on the verge of retiring, with 10 O levels, 3 A levels and an Honours degree in Business Studies!
But I still didn’t get the sewing course.

From my experience, I can say that the colleges and universities from Miami are very good.

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