Help & Advice please

What best to do?

Mum has been in a nursing home for the past five weeks. She was placed there by the NHS following a short stay in hospital.

While she has been there she has had a care assessment by the local authority who only spoke to her on the phone as the nursing home is in lockdown. As a result of that they advised us verbally that mum needs residential dementia care. That concurs completely with our view. They have now seen the care logs from the home. It describes the things that mum can do, but does not convey by any means the full picture. As a result they are now talking about care at home. I am in despair. I have told them that I will not cooperate with any care plan that results with mum going home.

I am in despair. Can they really conduct a care assessment on the basis of care logs for someone with dementia.

Ridiculous. Does mum live with you, or in her own home?
Why did the hospital send her to the care home?
How old is she?

Mum previously lived alone, with morning carers, in rented accommodation. The hospital sent her to the nursing home as they didn’t think it was safe for her to be at home. She had no memory that she had a carelink alarm. Mum is 90 years old.

If the hospital didn’t think it safe for her to live alone, what’s changed???

I guess she is now in an environment where she is supported, fully hydrated and nourished. Otherwise, nothing.