Hello to everyone

Hello, im a carer for both my parents. Im 50 and they are both 77 this year, they both have diabetes and other problems and im caring for them now full time, so i dont get much chance for anything else, but when i do i like going for walks, reading, art, history, trains planes and automobiles, computer gaming. Im looking forward to using this board and chatting with some of you.

Hi Paul & welcome

Do you live with your parents? What employment where you in?
How did your decide to leave you work and care full time. Even when you are caring full time you need some kind of respite.

Hi Sunny, yes i live with them now as thats easier to care for them that way. I was a carer for my maternal grandmother from 2006 to 2012 when she passed away, then i became a carer for my parents in 2018 full time. So basically i have been caring for 16 years now. I do try to get some breaks now and again but most of my time is taking up with caring for them.


What sort of books do you enjoy reading? I am a carer for my 82 year old husband, I do agree that you need to make some kind of life for yourself but know how hard it is. I do Chair a Book Club and this helps me very much.

I like reading a lot of different books. Autobiographical, fiction, history, true crime, Sci fi, fantasy. I have such a varied collection of books it’s hard to pin down one type. If it’s well written then I will give any book a try.

Well at the moment our group is reading ‘The One’ by John Marrs - and several like it so much they are reading another of his books I loved ‘The Passengers’. Not sure if you have come across this author? Hard to place him into a category but if pushed, I would say Sci Fi which ironically I struggle with, but I loved both of these books.

I have to confess I am involved in 3 books, the one I Chair set up 7 years ago, we meet monthly and do go for the occasional lunch and meal out. I am also involved in a Facebook Group Book Club locally and again we have only just started meeting and tend to combine with a lunch for non book worms. Our local Community Cafe has also set up a Book Club 2 weeks ago, so I am helping with that. If you love reading, it may be an option to join a Book Club who meet physically? My main one has 3 men in it including my husband. We do have a Facebook group where members can post if they cannot make the meeting.

You do sound relatively young to be caring for so many years and I so hope you can get some quality of life. If ever you want suggestions, pm me as I read several books a week and am always asking reader friends who are not local ‘would it work for men too as we have 3 in our group’.

Thank you for the reply, yes I was 33 when I first gave up work to become a full time carer for my grandmother who at the time had the beginnings of dementia. I was with her from then until she died 6 years later. Now I care for my elderly parents who both have issues which stop their daily lives but I do get some time like when they are watching tv or doing other things so it’s not all bad.
I have thought about joining a book club before and your post has pushed me to contact the chair of my local one to join so thank you for that. Sometimes you just need a “yes go do that” kinda thing.
I will have to find out the book you mentioned at the library and take a read, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: