Hello I'm new to the Forum and this technology

Hello, inexperienced with technology, but not caring. My late father had Huntingtons, my late husband had Aspergers and a rare skin cancer (both of which my son has). My mother has Dementia. I retired from teaching, 1994 when I caught meningitis and M.E. but have been able to do volunteer work, with amazing people, Tutoring for NHS, a M.E. Support Group, Parent Carers Voice, Devon Young Carers, Pembrokeshire People First and Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport. I’m supported by my family, friends and cats. Interested in Nature, crafts, complementary therapies and Carers issues. I live with my wonderful son and we are each others ‘carers’. :smiley:

Hi Tina, and welcome. You appear to have coped with the “technology” just fine.

I’m worn out just reading what you get up to, (actually I was worn out before I started reading it). :wink:

Hi Tina and welcome,

seems like you have carved out a life of purpose for yourself. Does you son have outside interests too?