Hello All

My name is Iain and I am a 65 year old male. I have been caring, in a limited way, for my 86 year old mother since September of last year. I provide her with all shopping requirements and visit her in sheltered housing for around an hour every day. I know I am not doing as much as some but I find it to be quite mentally challenging at times.

Hi Iain & welcome

It’s very difficult when we set up routines. Do you need to visit everyday. Is Mum able to use the phone.

What are you finding mentally most challenging. Making conversations expectation on you.

I will assume as Mum is in sheltered housing. She has access to a pull cord and warden etc. So she is able to call for assistance. If she needs to speak daily to someone. There are befriending services.

The over 85’s are classed as “very elderly”, increasing health problems, increasingly self centred.
Can you pinpoint what you find most difficult.
For me, it was the endless jobs list, written in a notebook kept in the pocket of mum’s recliner.
Although I was newly widowed, newly disabled, with a brain damaged son, a business to run, and a magazine to write, she still “saved” jobs for me when she had carers going in 3 times a day, a gardener, and a cleaner!!!