Hello All

My mum broke her ankle in 4 places last November, 3 hospitals, 2 operations later, she was discharged from hospital (against my mums wishes, )with care due to start Tuesday coming, 28 Jan 2020.
Yesterday 24 jan 2020 Itook a call from the hospital stating my mums care package had been cancelled, and I needed to go and pick up my mums belongings. No discharge papers or any assessments for care at home, it’s now sat 25 jan 2020 still no help is this legal
Many thanx in advance

Make contact with the hospitals PALS dept.


What to do if you’re unhappy with your hospital discharge
You can complain if you’re unhappy with your hospital discharge, or the discharge of someone you know.

For example, if:

the hospital plans to discharge you before you think it’s safe
you don’t think your discharge assessment was done correctly
Speak to the hospital staff who arranged your discharge.

It might help to get advice from the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) or your local Independent Health Complaints Advocacy service.

Read more about the NHS complaints process.

I think she ought to be given 6 weeks reablementpackage of care.

Did they why it was cancelled? They ought to have done an assessment of her mobility and her home.

Call social services and tell them she needs an urgent assessment. Also call the hospital discharge remand ask for same.

Is your mother mobile? I expect she needs a care package. The hospital ought not be expecting you to care for her.

Sounds like an unsafe discharge. Search on this site for info and links on these.

Absolutely not!!

Ring the hospital, ask to speak to the CEO’s office (someone will be ulitimately responsible for the hospital at the weekend) and complain about the UNSAFE DISCHARGE.

Insist that if they can’t get the care sorted out for her this evening she needs to go back into hospital or a nursing home, because THERE IS NO ONE TO CARE FOR HER.

Don’t fall into the trap of saying you will fill the gap!