Hampshire Council

Bowling Bun have you seen this!!!


support for people with learning disabilities is set to be reduced

one-to -one and two-to-one support for people with learning disabilities (is to be cut)

277 jobs are now at risk with 120 of them being in the adult social care and health department

Once again, cutting services for the most needy. Scary.

Come on Mencap, Challenging behaviour foundation, any parents/carers who have any energy left - this needs a legal challenge. Noticeably they aren’t cutting support for those with physical disabilities - as they are better able to self advocate and mount a challenge.



Yes, in fact I went to a presentation from the head of LD this week.
I suggested that it would be much better all round if parents were allowed to work WITH staff to share ideas.
My son lives in splendid isolation from his community, most of his 34 hours support time spent with staff watching TV rather than out in the community!

As the carer of a physically disabled child I feel for you guys!

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