Granny annex

Hello out there

I have been trying to get a website set up specifically for people who have a granny annex, want an annex or would just like to swap ideas about them in general for relatives or loved ones but really struggling to get in contact with people in this situation.

I heard about this site from radio 4 woman’s hour so thought it worth a post to see if anyone on it had any ideas on annexes and would find this type of info helpful,

we built an annex for my mum about 5 years ago and have learnt so much would like to help others do the same?

Would love to hear feed back from anyone out there

Hi David

Welcome to the forum. I don’t have anything relevant to offer but no doubt someone who has will be in contact later. Just wanted to welcome you to the site.

It’s a joke in our family that eldest son moved in and put me in the garage to sleep!
My knees had been ruined in a car accident and I had to crawl up the stairs. My son and I designed the alterations between us. Son did lots of the work himself, with the aid of a few friends. It’s the best room in the house now, loads of space, loads of insulation so warm and cosy, complete with Sky Plus and a sewing machine desk! The ensuite has a washer dryer, and if I need carers in the future they can come into my room via the conservatory without coming in to the main house.

Lovely to hear another real life story - thank you for sharing and we did the same knocked a garage down to put a small side annex extension for my mum!