Good carers!

Hi I am new to the group but felt I needed to chat to people who maybe in the same situation as me. We employed PA’s for husband and we had some good ones however why do I feel that we live in a goldfish bowl - they know everything about us and we know nothing really about them only what they choose to tell. I feel I am obliged to chat to them and ask them if they’re okay but as soon as I am not happy about something and ask them politely if they could do something another way I feel bad! We’ve also had COVID in the house (a Carer had it) so now I am made out gone the baddie - does anyone else out there have problems with their care staff? Hope it’s not just me!

Good carers are miracle workers. Today while Mum was sat on her commode we were engaging in a conversation about love. Mum joined in to the point I had to remind the carers they had gone past the 30 minutes and were going to be late for the next call.

Four girls talking about love, the carers didn’t want to leave…

Mum and I are lucky that we have 90% brilliant carers many we consider as friends…

Morning it’s great when you get good carers they make such a huge difference to your lives and do become friends if not part of the family do it is harder when it goes pear shaped. So happy to hear your mum had excellent care Sandra you sound like young several gems there. I have spoken with other people who employ on a 12 hour shift basis and they also have similar issues but those who have carers popping in three to four times per day have different stories so I guess it’s a case as normal you get some good and some bad / indifferent- keep safe everyone x

Sadly Pam its not all shiny stars for Mum, so you’re not alone.

Today we had the call I’ve been dreading , Mum hates one carer and the agency still insist on sending her once a week.

How friendly girl chat one night goes to screaming and shouting, me being scared that Mum is going to lash out at this oafish carer who clearly upsets Mum just by being in the room. Again rather than standing back and letting the second carer take control keeps aggravating Mum.

I will be phoning the agency tomorrow, not just because the Carer is an idiot, but everytime she comes in our house she wears her mask with her nose poking out. The funny thing is, she is paranoid about Covid and when driving makes the other carer sit in the back seat with a mask on. The irony…

My mum had a lot of carers from Eastern Europe. Many were well qualified in their own country but needed to improve their English before able to continue their profession here. They loved coming to see mum, whose English was perfect, and she spoke nicely. She would gently correct them, and felt she was helping them on their way through life. They were a far better quality and harder working than the average English carer. However sometimes they didn’t understand English food and cooking, one day she despaired of getting some good gravy!