Going round the twist? losing things

I just seeming to be losing my mind and my shopping, I bought some Jaffa cakes, treat to myself and i have lost them, looked everywhere turned the house upside.
Just disappeared, they are on the receipt but they are not in my house.

Or maybe they are i put them somewhere safe, I just can’t remember.

I can’t remember what i had for dinner, I just can’t, why can’t i remember?

I can remember things from years ago I went to Alton Towers with the scouts, that was years ago.

But lost my jaffa cakes which i bought 3 days ago, very annoyed.

HI Londonbound,
sounds likes a symptom of stress to me.

Are you doing things on auto-pilot? When I first started taking S and I out and about again, instead of just doing our food bank deliveries - I found myself heading off in the wrong direction etc I’d also do things and not realise I’d done them etc - because I was too stuck in my thoughts. Do you think you mindlessly ate them?


You are suffering from chronic overload, chronic tiredness. Your brain needs a break. That’s my diagnosis, but the cure is almost impossible right now.
Do whatever you can to take the pressure off. Even if it means lowering your standards as far as food or tidying is concerned. Ready meals, frozen pizza, frozen fish and chips is what my lot get when I know I’ve done too much.

You matter too!

I totally agree i am suffering from chronic stress, i have been to the doctor who instead of treating or supporting the chronic stress issue has told me to contact Social Services.

I think he is tired of me contacting him about my carer issues, but it says doctors can be a good source of help and support for unpaid carers.

I don’t even think carers assessments are running at the moment and the services that my carees need have been cut, its the unmet needs that need to be resolved.

I am just exhausted, can’t function, clapped out carer.

What is the solution I don’t know? proper unpaid carer help and support.

In Hampshire our day services are about to restart.
M was going to three, then we had to choose which one.
Thanks to Covid after years of asking, he’s finally getting what he needed all along, three days at Minstead Training Centre/Furzey Gardens.
Lots of space, lots of opportunities for physical activity, and some tractor driving.
I’ve only got this because I stressed the health consequences of sitting and watching TV all day, but it’s been a long hard battle.

We now need Carers UK to speak up for carers who cannot work because there is no alternative care. The longer the Covid problems go on, the more desperate those caring full time, especially multiple carers, need help and support. Also the right to 4 weeks paid holiday a year.

Londonbound, at bedtime I couldn’t find my kindle and very much wanted to read. Several searches last night and thus morning -still no luck. Tried the where did I have it last thing, tracing steps etc
Still not found it. Very annoying and strange.


I am just exhausted , i am yawning all the time, falling asleep in the day, I have been fighting to get the right support for one of my carees, faceless bureaucrat’s, on the phone on the email.

But there have been so many cuts, you have to be very unwell to get any help.

Still haven’t found my jaffa cakes.

I think i may be dissociating:-

“Dissociation is one way the mind copes with too much stress, such as during a traumatic event.”

“have gaps in your life where you can’t remember anything that happened”

“not be able to remember information about yourself or about things that happened in your life.”

And may have been for many years.