Getting medications when isolating?

So anyone know how to get medications when you are trying to prevent mental health crisis and self isolating??? Who do you call locally at the weekend if the system has let you down…
Care worker spent last week discussing how to avoid a crisis with Caree, and then did not bother to check the extremely important medications had turned up last thing Friday. Pharmacy not open Saturday.
I thought best for Caree to take last dose and sleep - as bein awake at 5 am is not good …which means they will be knocked out for 12 hours…and I would try to access Crisis team to access meds today as they are not able to do so.
Now I find the crisis teams DO NOT have access to medics to prescribe over the weekend- no idea why that is so.
This is disgusting - you would not run a Casualty department without a doctor and insulting to all those who suffer or struggle
with their mental health- I Wish I could do something to change this!!!
We were then told to call 111- I do not live with my Caree so this causes a problem as 111 is locally based so you end up talkign to people using different systems that don’t work across county lines!
I am trying to get medication to Caree who cant go out- as they are not sleeping until 4 am - this is dangerous and normally means a severe crisis is impending We have over 25 years experience so know what we are talking about.
If you cant get your heart pills over the weekend and you are self isolatign I am sure there is as system in place to help you but it seems mental health has not a clear system if they have one at all- and as a Carer you are stuck trying to follow this through as when someone has capacity as they want to speak to them to get permission to talk to you frustrating when they are currently asleep which is the very thing they need to do and why you need the meds to help them sleep this eve…

How totally ridiculous. Do they have an out of hours doctor service that you could ring? When our surgery is closed (which it is a lot!) if we ring the surgery, we get put through to the out of hours service and they are able to prescribe. Is their usual chemist closed today too?


Why were the pills only delivered at the last minute?
I order mine, for blood pressure, online, so that there is at least 14 days left before the next ones arrive.
Are there different rules for different medication?

When you are having a mental health crisis you dont order your medications in advance. so in that situation you call the crisis team…like you would call emergency services in an emergencies but if you have a mental health problem you are left alone to cope…and during COVID if you cant go out you are left …my CAree is self isolating and but the NHS refuses to deliver, they are alone- should I potentially go to someone with covid ??.
Imagine if you had a heart condition and you were self isolating and suddenly you got worse and needed your instant pain reliever would you expect to to not get it because there is no doctor to prescribe and if you spend all day trying to find a way round the system to get one then you are expected to go out to a local supermarket in store pharmacy to get it while self isolating !!!

What a ridiculous system!!! I would suggest you ring the CCCG and ask how you can access the medication.