Getting back into rowing

well as is the case when trying to lose weight and improving fitness…
it is largely a mental game , last year as some will know i got into rowing on an indoor rower .
rather than wasting silly money on a gym membership .

i was getting into it and enjoying it , then autumn arrived and with it less daylight and i think that played with me mentally, and i was not so keen to row in my bedroom in the dark , well with just a light bulb burning lol.

thankfully i have been able to get amazing help from some pretty advanced rowers in the UK teams and instructors part of the GB teams
they some how have managed to give me a kick up the backside over the internet and i have been getting back into rowing .

last night i broke records ,and made records , granted they were my own records lol.

so the following :-

02/02/19 11,823 meters total 1:00:00.0 hour with a pace of 2:32.2 per 500 meter split as applied for all
06/02/19 11,736 meters total 1:00:00.0 hour with a pace of 2:33.3
08/02/19 11,943 meters total 1:00:00.0 hour with a pace of 2:30.7
and then last night
10/02/19 12,369 meters total 1:00:00.0 hour with a pace of 2:25.5

so an improvement of 546 meters and a time reduction of 6.7 seconds if i have worked out the times right.
taking this evening off , because my backside has been killing me all day . think i have muscles starting to form on me backside LOL.

Impressive pace! A, thinking getting an indoor rower (for outdoor use in summer!) see they on sale at Aldi at moment,

not seen the Aldi ones , but i started off a few years ago with a cheap York rower from Argos.

i barely used it , and when i had enough and really really wanted to lose weight i got back on it and it broke.
Argos were not able to help with spares as they deal directly with York Fitness and suggested i give them a call.
called York and the woman i got took details of the rower and asked if i could hold for a moment , 2 mins later she came back and said that model is so old we no longer produce spares , i have asked if warehouse team could have a dig around and if they find spares we will send them onto you at reduced cost.

2 days later an email arrived stating “” no parts , that model is outdated we no longer make spares “”.

so i bit the bullet and bought myself the Concept 2 model D rower , joined the online diary , joined the forum and been blown away by the sheer amount of help.

when i called Concept in the UK on the day of the rower as it had not arrived when i had been promised.
the guy asked for a few details and chased the delivery company with me on the line so i could listen , gave them a strong telling off . cut them off and said right okies …
we at Concept are a huge believer of the customer is always right , i had put it on the system no delivery . lets give it 24 hours if its still a no show we will send an other via an other courier . and if the first one then showed up we would collect it free of charge.
i was happy enough with that , i thought they were only going to chase the delivery company…
but he then said i will also put a note on our system that we will give you your first spare part for free with no delivery either . he also said once i built it , if i had issues with the mono rail being to short for my height they would send an extended mono rail free .

I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Don’t overdo it.

funny thing Rosemary
those who know what they are doing say i am an enemy of my own success ,
because they have went over my info with a fine tooth comb and said i should be bumping up my interval times to 2 x 30 mins and only having 5 min brake between each. stick to that for 6 weeks .
then go for 1 hour rowing non stop.

just a shame what they are suggesting for my diet i cant actually do due to extremely poor choice of shops where i live . being 1 main supermarket and only healthy food choice is salad , salad , salad :unamused: .
and the last twice mum and i ate a salad in a bag from them we both had upset stomachs for a week afterwords and “” other issues “” lol…

so i will have to look else where for balanced food choices , hence looking at something like gousto recipe boxes.
but the website would not accept my order when i tried , and now boring bills are getting in the way or trying again lol

Oh, pat on the back James. I envy your dedication. Get yourself a SAD lamp for those winter blues. You could row and switch it on at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone. Well done. Keep it up.

SAD lamps do absolutely nothing for me sadly somethingshort.

but it no longer bothers me , i stick a movie on and keep glimpsing over now and then , or i have my headset plugged into the PC and wearing it listening to music .
i do plan on adding an LED daylight ceiling light thats 6 foot long , that will allow me to paint , draw and glass engrave all year .

when we had that harsh harsh frost , the guys on the rowing forum said i should take the rower outside in backgarden and just row in my boxers like i do in my bedroom . UMMMMM NO was my reply lol. :laughing: