Getting assisted living accommodation for my mum

Hi, I am just asking a few questions about assisted living as I am looking to help my mum move into one.

So I just wanted to know what the prices are usually like and if the council fully fund it? She has no savings at all.


In that case, you’ll have to ask the council what is available in your area and what support they can give.

Some areas have council run Assisted Living homes (ours certainly does) and I would assume that the rents are commensurate with local council rents - but as Bowlingbun has said best bet is to contact the LA Housing Department and check with them.

About 50 years ago, I used to regularly visit warden controlled accommodation.
In those days, local council “assisted living” meant a group of flats for the elderly with a warden on site and a common room for activities.
Care was not provided by the local council who owned the flats, but provided by Social Services, in the same way as mum could currently receive it.
Then on site wardens were replaced by a remote call centre!

Now in my area there is only one set of flats where residents get “extra care”.

When I said “ask the council” it wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered to write any more, but because each area operates slightly differently.
In the New Forest, where I live, there is a local council responsible for housing and a county council, Hampshire, responsible for Social Services.
Southampton and Portsmouth are “unitary authorities” who are responsible for both.