FUMING at BT Engineer Ian

Our WI-FI has been un-predictable for weeks. As it controls our heating I needed to get it fixed.

I phoned BT and explained Mum was disabled and would have to be in the same room as the engineer. They re-assured me the engineer would be wearing a mask, gloves and would wipe up all the surfaces he touched.

I’d opened all our windows as far as they would go, Even persuaded Mum to wear a mask.

Ian turned up, sauntered in, no mask or gloves moved furniture around, constantly complained about the heat. before leaving to work outside and telling me it was up to me if I wanted to move the furniture back.

About 2 hours later he turned up on my doorstep telling me he had fixed the problem. Forget broadband, I was just grateful this idiot didn’t want to come into my house again.

After keeping Mum in a bubble since March, to see such irresponsible behaviour is shocking. I will sue BT if Mum gets ill.

Better to lodge a complaint now.