Forum for professionals?

Hi, I am new to this site and read the stickied post about how this site is primarily for non-professional carers. I would love to know if there are any forums out there that are for professionals as some of my questions and discussions I aim to have are regarding those I care for in a professional capacity. Thanks, Tom

Hello Tom

We have been asked this question before and I regret to tell you that we know of no such forum for professional care workers.

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If there isn’t there certainly should be!

I guess you could have a go at setting one up - why not? I would say there is clear demand for one, simply by the number of professional carers that turn up here and we have to ‘turn them away’ so to speak.

It would be good to have a professionals forum we could recommend for them!

In the meantime, just wanted to say, as a former family carer, how incredibly grateful I was for professionals to look after my MIL with severe dementia!

Looking after her myself, on my own, even before she got ‘advanced’ in her dementia was such a nightmare that I nearly had a nervous breakdown. And that is SO common for family carers.

If it were not for the professionals, willing to do the job you do, I’d be in a straitjacket by now. So…to all of you, a HUGE THANKYOU!


It would be good to have a professionals forum we could recommend for them!

Had to smile … this forum highly recommended to any quasi professional … they might learn something from the real " Professionals " in CarerLand … us !

CUK included !!!

How to be a Swiss army knife for our caree without one … if you follow my drift ?

Yes, indeed - I think we are ‘recommended reading’ for anyone who is a professional carer!!!

(Shame the social workers don’t read here either - that said, so many of the individuals are OK, it’s just the appalling system they have to work with - and the ‘no-money’!)