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Really pleased to update you that we are currently 3 days in to our fortnight of Forum Focus - an opportunity for Forum users to hear more about Carers UK’s work. This has had great input from members so far, and we’d love it if you could take a look and add your comments to the topics being highlighted.

We are also collating your questions for our helpline advisers, which will be answered live in an evening event on Carer’s Rights Day, Thurs 25 November.

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Can we please campaign to increase the EHCP age from 25 to 27.
Our children have suffered more during the pandemic than other children and need another 2 years of educational support from LAs

Why is there no booklet or guidance for what is available for Carers to access in regards to help social worker, mental health issues, financial services, mobility issues, or cerers holiday or help and what about NHS prioritising carers. It seems to me that once you become a carer no services are interested.

We would be interested in the rights of a family when the parents of an adult disabled child become pensioners. Our local SS pressed for a continuity of health care assessment to reduce their funding. When the assessor came to the house we were told that they believed we are greatly underfunded and if their contribution to funding would be too great they would place our daughter in care.
Our daughter is our blessing and we care for her with love . We are not looking for an increase in funding just for the threats to stop. It would be helpful to have knowledge of our rights to protect our child but also to know that staff are trained not to threaten parents although we were so intimidated by the health rep., that we withdrew the application the social worker had made for assistance as tge assessor requested. When it comes to threatening clients to reduce funding one fears for society.

I’ve been my husband’s full-time carer since 2015 and I claim Carer’s Allowance. I want to know why I don’t automatically qualify for free prescriptions, eye tests and dental care - something people on Universal Credit qualify for, even though they get more than I do.

Paid Carers

I would like to ask Carers UK what they can do about the terrible, precarious Social Care situation

I am well aware there has been a small increase to the minimum wage. This however, is not enough to help.

Social care cannot compete with retail and hospitality for jobs.

There needs to be proper wages for social care staff with career progression and decent training.
This would aid retention, and help recruit new staff.

Current staff would
not have to work such gruelling long hours to try and hold things together.

Only then, would the situation improve for unpaid carers and those needing care.

Carers uk…looking forward to your response.


I agree with you, they should be increased. Whether they would is another matter.

My understanding is, when they increased the age up to 25 - there was no additional funding given.

Carers uk successes

I myself do have the feeling if I am honest that not much has changed for unpaid carers.

The surveys are regularly trotted out, and it all seems pretty dire.

So, I would be interested in a bullet pointed list of what Carers UK has achieved for unpaid carers during the last three years.

I would also like to know what you are currently working on.

Many thanks!

Hi all,
My name is Tina, l have been caring for my son 20years . He has Autism, learning disabilities and lot of challenging behaviour. He has hydrocephalus and Epilepsy.
Leaving with me at home. I do work part time to take me out of my caring role. Also l have 80years Husband , who has unset dementia. I would be interested in what you have in supporting me with this journey l am .
That’s all about me :smiley: :neutral_face: :smiley:

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increase funding so all carers can access the breaks they need.

The forum focus fortnight has now closed.