Food suggestions whilst awaiting SALT assessment

MIL has had occasional issues with swallowing before, but now had 3 episodes in the last week - today her lifeline called us at 2pm to say she was choking although she had recovered in the 15 minutes it took us to get there.

She is very resistant to trying different (more suitable) foods and with Christmas in the way, we are unlikely to get a SALT assessment any time soon. I have looked on Wiltshire Foods page and they have pureed meals, but not delivering until 4 January. We mentioned soup and carers asked about pasta, both of which MIL flatly refuses to entertain. Hubby suggested we get a blender just puree her normal meals, but I think she will dismiss this as “baby food” without even trying. We are going to shop tomorrow and will get some soups for her to try, but if anyone can make any other suggestions please, they would be very welcome. Thanks

Hi Witch hazel,

we had children at school with swallowing problems and contrary to popular belief - liquids are hard to swallow and can be easily aspirated. Therefore unless the soup is very thick - at least a syrup consistency, its best avoided until she has been assessed as she may need thickener added to runny foods. This leaflet explains food consistencies and may be of use


Something like a cheese souffle might work for what you’re looking for? (Or I guess any kind of souffle is soft, but the texture could vary depending on the fillings/flavors you use)