FOI & Investigation Team Blunder

When sending your letters and evidence of complaints they are now binning them rather than reading them and now apologising as an admin error!!!

Photocopy what you send so you can resent them through signed/recorded delivery as they do not accept email!

We have cowboys at the social work office.

Good advice Pipsy, when dealing with any official body.


Good advice OP!

I now routinely always make a additional copy of any benefits paperwork. I’ve always photocopied all paperwork for my peace of mind. When my cared for person was just a baby, I used to sit up at night making one more copy of everything excluding appointment letters. For several months I did this. Just in case. One copy would be sent off and the second copy would be filed away.

Always make complaint through email, when they delete them you can quickly re-send them again and saves you £5 signed for letter.

OK i am considering making a claim to the ombudsman as its been 2 weeks now since I submitted my email after they binned my hardcopy i sent in and they claim my compliant is being finanialised and will let me know as soon as. I think they are lying and will not reply as my complaint for detailed with extension legislation arugements and evidences.

Will the care ombudsman see 2 weeks of no reply sufficent?